Our Story

A distinguished group of educators established BASIC, LLC, (Building Academic Success in Children) to cultivate robust educational change across the United States. BASIC Consultants have a proven track record of educational success in urban, suburban, and rural schools. Consultants have led schools and school districts through research based and applied strategies that have yield stellar academic success. By combining proven educational experiences with a thorough understanding of the challenges and issues in K-12 education, BASIC focuses on an evolutionary model that successfully combines human and organizational performance. With this knowledge and experience, we wish to enrich the lives of children and adults using the laboratory school approach.


Our Vision

The Laboratory School for leadership and learning was established to create a robust learning environment for students.  This coeducational school exists as an independent school to provide training opportunities to teachers and to serve as a educational research learning center.

We believe that children need to explore, experiment, and make discoveries in order to make sense of their world. Our program provides children with the opportunities to become independent learners and thinkers. By providing high quality rigorous instruction and targeted support, students are able to experience multiple success.  Materials and activities are designed to enrich the learning experience to engage students in “hands on” learning tasks. Our wide variety of age appropriate experiences will help establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Our curriculum plans for the whole child. Intellectual, social, emotional, physicalogl, and creative growth are of equal importance. Learning opportunities are provided in a secure, predictable environment, guided by a caring, nurturing team. We believe each child develops at his own rate, therefore, our program respects both the age and the individual needs of each learner.

Our culture provides a learning environment that enhances problem solving, creativity, and growth in every learning.