Letter to Parents

Dear Parents

Thank you for your interest in the Laboratory School for Leadership and Learning. We have done our best to establish a holistic approach to education. The school is grounded in the belief that a well – rounded education will be paramount for students as they prepare to live in the 21st century.

The Laboratory School will provide a strong campus life that promotes a safe and caring environment. All work will continue to be goal oriented with the intent for college and career readiness. Our robust academic program will provide students with the prerequisite skills to perform well at the secondary level.

We are looking for families and students who will work diligently, study hard and prepare as they build their personal profiles to become strong and contributing citizens in the world they are inheriting. The Lab School employs teachers who are fully prepared to teach, befriend and support students in the learning process.

Our school culture will be best characterized by the phrase, “A Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.”

The students understand that hard work and determination are essential to their success. The Laboratory School for Leadership and Learning is grounded in the belief that all students can be successful and that success is defined by its ability to learn at high levels. The new student enrollment procedure outlined in this packet starts in February. We have included application instructions for your convenience as you proceed with the enrollment process.

Your enrollment is not final until all forms have been competed and returned, along with all appropriate fees to the admissions office. Thank you for your interest in the Laboratory School for Leadership and Learning. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions comments or concerns.

Ann Dorgan
School Administrator