Enrichment Programs


The Laboratory School for leadership and learning will provide weekly Spanish lessons to our children. The cross curricular Spanish lessons will include math, music, dance, and art. The Spanish enrichment program will expose students to different sounds and activities. Spanish enrichment time is once a week with children 18 months and older. Each lesson includes songs, poems and props.


The Laboratory School for leadership and learning will provide weekly music education to our students. Rather than adding to your family’s weekly schedule, we strengthen your child’s learning program on site with weekly music lessons. Your child will participate in a familiar environment with music educators and children he or she knows. The music program is available to children ages 18 months and older.

Physical Activity Time

The Laboratory School for Leadership and Learning will introduce national physical education standards to its students. Classes are structured physical activities with a balls and other engaging props for children ages 2-5 years old. Physical fitness classes continually use its ‘kid friendly’ curriculum to ensure kids are having an absolute blast while developing essential physical skills. Classes incorporate classic nursery rhymes, songs and children’s games adapted to incorporate a basic motor skills development.

Leadership Development

All students will receive weekly lessons in character development. Students will be provided with essential life skills and tools to be successful in the world around them. Using Franklin Covey’s 7 habits, lessons will be embedded into the school’s culture such that students become confident leaders.